Adanimals World


Adanimals Minigames are fun and casual P2E games that reward gamers based on daily engagement and weekly high scores.
Earn rewards in two ways:
  • Play a few minutes a day and earn tokens. Ownership of at least 1 NFT activates P2E functions
  • Participate in tournaments and climb up the leaderboard

There are currently 3 minigames in public beta testing, and 1 in private testing.

Adanimals Minigames

Rapid Runner
Ready. Set. Go! 🏁 Run solo or with an opponent. Collect Power Points to boost your score and avoid Adanimonsters who are there to stop you.
Start Running ➡️​
Rapid Runner
Bento Balancer
Stack the highest tower of items on Goguen's head while it's asleep 💤 Goguen wakes up when 2 or more items hit the floor.
Stack Your Tower ➡️​
Bento Balancer
Cook and serve your customers as fast as possible to get the highest score 🥘 Failure to prepare the right order will deduct from your score.
Get Ready Chef ➡️​
Catching Skyberries is such a chore but maybe if we do it to our favorite song its not so bad! 🎶
~currently on private testing~