DAO Governance

The Animal Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) core philosophy is to create an organization that’s free from centralized control. Decisions in such organizations are made through voting. Stakeholders of the $ANIMAL token and Adanimals NFT will eventually start voting over different aspects within the game such as new game integrations, token distributions, staking benefits, and more.

A gradual process of decentralization is necessary in order to avoid unfriendly actors from disrupting the ecosystem. Therefore the DAO Treasury will be able to vote with $ANIMAL tokens and Adanimals NFTs on some of the crucial decisions of the business. Eventually, the ownership of tokens will become more evenly distributed among the community, leading to a new phase of Adanimals World decentralized playground in the metaverse.

Governance Phases


Off-chain voting among Discord members on small matters such as contests and other community campaigns


The Adanimals Team gives token holders an easy way to stake their tokens and NFTs, and vote on governance proposed by them. The votes will revolve around distributing the Community Treasury and choosing which games will receive funding from the ecosystem fund.


$ANIMAL token holders and NFT holders decide which governance framework to use and how much to vote on. Also, the metrics used for voting such as:

1 token = 1 vote

1 verified user = vote

In smart contracts, some decisions won't be up for debate, like token supply. Potential things we could vote on:

  1. How the DAO Treasury should be used to reward $ANIMAL holders

  2. Should the DAO Treasury funds use DeFi tools to expand the treasury

  3. Should the treasury be based only on $ANIMAL or could we add other major currencies including stable coins.

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