Supply Reduction

$ANIMAL Token Supply Reduction

Permanent Reduction

Each time a new minigame is added to the Adanimals World, part of the supply is burned.

Total $ANIMAL Supply = Initial Supply / Number of Live Minigames

Temporary Reduction

$ANIMAL tokens paid for breeding NFTs are transferred to Adanimals treasury.

$CARE Token Supply Reduction

Permanent Reduction

  • $CARE received related to breeding is burned

  • $CARE received from future NFT mints such as Almighty or land is burned

Adanimal NFT Pet Supply Reduction

Temporary Reduction

  • Reduce supply by a fixed timelock of NFTs in exchange for $CARE

  • Sweep the floor and redistribute to the community as rewards

Permanent Reduction

  • Treasury buys and burns (sweep the floor)

  • Genesis NFTs constantly reduce supply by merging 2 NFTs into 1

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